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Failure is a Blessing in Disguise

   FAILURE… a single word that strikes fear into the hearts of many. There is no man alive on this planet that isn’t familiar with the word failure. Success and failure are part and parcel of life. One cannot succeed without failure. All successful people have failed in life. Abraham Lincoln failed 16 times in his life before becoming president of the USA.

If you are fearful of failure, you will never take any risk in life and if you don’t take risks you won’t be successful. Failure is a blessing in disguise. It allows you to know what has gone wrong and what must be done to correct it. But contrary to this many people treat failure as everything is finished. The student fails the exam and commits suicide. An employee loses his job and commits suicide. Such people lack self-confidence. They think they’re good for nothing.

Failure is not the end of the world. Just look around and you will see there is hardly anybody in this world who has not failed in his or her life.

The failures in life can either make you or break you. It is up to you how you take it, whether you fight with troubles and rise above them or you let troubles destroy you down. Failures in the life make you strong and bring out the best in you. However, they can also completely break you if you let them take hold of you.

Failure is a blessing.
Failure is a blessing

How do you take failure, which ultimately determines triumphant and futile people. Successful people learn from their downfalls, regulate the missteps, and make more attempts to succeed while unsuccessful people instead of taking failure as a lesson to be learned, give up and condemn the whole world for their failure.

 Significance of Failure in our Life :-

The success achieved without failure is momentary but achieved after failures are on firm footing will last longer. One must develop positive thinking to take failure positively.

Failure is not a step backward; it’s a terrific stepping stone to success. We never learn to move out of our solace province if we don’t overwhelm our fear of failure. That’s because someone who withstands failure has obtained irreplaceable knowledge and the invincible perseverance born from overcoming adversity.

These are few doors that failure can unlock for us :-

Door 1 :- It Instructs Us What Works and Doesn’t Work

Failure can show us what isn’t benefiting in a career or goal and enable us to try to change that and to boost ourselves. It can also show us what does work and what we should keep doing.

Door 2 :- It helps Redefine Primacy and Re-envision Motives.

Failing can also ascertain what’s important. We don’t necessarily realize what we want until something goes wrong. Then we have to take a step back and determine goals are really what we want or if we should revise them. Resetting goals and extrapolating primacies can lead to success in the future.

Failure inspires to get Success.
Failure inspires to get Success.

Door 3 :- It Enables Us to Yearn for Inspiration as well as Motivate Others

When things go nasty it’s spontaneous to need someone to relieve us find the favorable path again. This is when we seek out stimulants (inspiration) from others to help us succeed, but this is also when we can energize others. They can learn from the mistakes that were made and find inspiration in our unwillingness to give up.  

Door 4 :- It Promotes Creativity and Makes Us Revise Our Approach

Failure can make us recognize we need to address things differently, especially in a creative way.

Door 5 :- It Acquaints Us About Ourselves

Failure can be good at teaching us things that we didn’t know about ourselves. We learn what’s valuable to us, what our prominences are, and how we can learn, how we can grow, and figuring out where to go and how to succeed and be a real self-exploration.

Door 6 It Creates Opportunity

Failing at one thing can oversee other things that we might be more successful in and it creates alternatives for us to learn and grow. It’s an old cliché saying, but when one door closes another one opens. Sometimes you don’t know the path you’re going to take until you fail and have to take another path. 

Wrapping Up

Failure is a severe experience that no one wants to go through. The truth of the matter, however, is that failure is unavoidable. As long as you’re attempting something you’ve never done before or continue pursuing your dreams, you cannot completely avoid failure.

Despite the pain that comes with failure, this is not to say that failure doesn’t have its silver lining. If you pay attention, failure can teach you valuable lessons. To help you turn failure into something positive, I have shared with you few important lessons that you can learn from failure.

Now that you know how beneficial failure can be to your future success, go ahead and find new ways to put yourself out there! So set a goal that you may fail at or try something new, knowing you will grow from failure or be surprised by success!

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