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The Awakening

The enlightened candle is a very powerful symbol of selfless generosity. It is so erect, clear and so resolved in serving the light. The enlightened candle is a strong symbol of hope, positivity, prosperity, and a victory over darkness. A small candlestick services so altruistically, it is the epitome of self-sacrifice. Yes, we know candle has no soul…. But we, we the “HUMANS” can give a soul, life to it by making ourselves selfless, kind, generous, decent, noble, compassionate, and benevolent.

Quoting Anne Frank, “Look at how a single candle can both, defy and define the darkness.” In a dark room when a candle is lit, the small flame from the candle doesn’t let the room be dark anymore.

So let’s enlighten the candle within us,to clean all the impurity of our minds and thoughts. Let’s enlighten the candle to brighten the world. Enlighten the candle to encourage each other as the enlightened candle is a symbol of hope and positivity. Let’s glow and grow together, to revive, to defeat the darkness of evil, negativity and spread the positivity in the world. As it is the need of an hour. It’s time to hear the wakening call from the small candlestick.

Let’s wake up and let’s give the kiss of life to the DEAD HUMANITY. Let’s light the candle and spread the light.

And finally, quoting Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series, “Happiness can be found even in the darkness of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.” So don’t think much, grab a matchstick, light your candles and let there be light.

Let’s light the candle… to be generous, to overcome the darkness, to serve self-less, to purify the impure hearts, Let’s light the candle.

  1. Nice…!

  2. Shubhangi Hote

    Very motivational blog dear. Keep on scratching that pen on paper. Awesome ❤️

  3. Content Vidhya

    Interesting Blog To Read. Very Inspirational And Very Interesting. Great job well done

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