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Life is a journey…

A journey is about learning and growth. The journey has the potential to teach people about themselves and the society in which they live. Likewise life is a journey. A journey with problems to solve, a journey with lessons to learn, a journey to grow, a journey to make best of it. Life is a journey with multiple options…an option to explore, an option to broaden the horizon, an option to surge, to strive the existence.

A journey refers to the act of travelling from one place to another. So our life is an expedition…an expedition towards the betterment. Our journey starts from Birth to Death. Between this journey, we have some stations, to be reached, accomplished. We all grow, develop and mature as we continue to move on in life journey. Infancy which leads us to the childhood is the earliest stage. This earliest stage is all about imitation and education. Then we move for to the next stage which teaches us self-discovery and explorations. The journey at this stage is extremely pleasurable and exciting. As the second stage accomplished, we realize that we have to be selective about what we do. This helps us the transition into the third stage of dedication, cognition, contemplation and benevolence.

Most people at the stage of cognition and dedication have the desire to leave the world a better place. So, they start building their own legacy to the world. This journey of desire leads us to the next stage, the conclusion whether life lived well or not. The journey which we started with imitating and parroting others, moves forward to the last station of life. Which is covered old age to death. The journey at this stage is not about discoveries and adventures but it’s about finding meaning in life and death. It offers us the chance to pass down the legacy to the world, even when we are long gone.

Undoubtedly, life is a journey. A journey of life is all about lessons, celebrations, explorations. It is is a mixture of happiness, heartaches, joys, problems, adversities or sometimes special moments too, that ultimately leads us to the destination (Death).

Life is a journey for sure but not a destination. Happiness and sorrows are the part of life. It gives you lemons many a times but it is not about chanting the negativity but it is about to face all adversities with positivity. It is about to make best out of it, about to celebrate this journey.

Life is a journey that must be travelled, no matter how bad the roads and accommodations. ” ——- Oliver Goldsmith.

” सफर खुबसूरत है मंज़िल से भी ”

And above all it is a journey between Human Being and Being Human.

  1. Snehal

    Life is a journey with multiple options…..👌😊

  2. Alam

    I am speechless. What a attitude to see the things. Awesome writing skill as well as a good show. I will collect one or 2 lines to create interest in our reader.
    Again its very beutyful article.

  3. Avadhut

    life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all….

  4. praful

    beautifully explainend

  5. Aishwarya More

    You penned your thoughts so beautifully 👍

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