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Are We Really Free Today?

Today we all are celebrating our 74th Independence Day, we see a great zeal running across the nation, evoking thoughts of freedom and the pride of being an Indian. We are sure to see the ‘Happy Independence Day ‘ hash tags and pictures trending everywhere. Everyone is chanting the patriotic (देशभक्ती) songs at every corner to celebrate Independence. My conscious is haunted by this question – “Are we really free today? “

Independence Day is very important day to keep the spirit of patriotism alive and the same time enjoy the spirit of freedom. Are we really free today? Even after 73 years of achieving freedom, we snuggle to some of the worst issues faced by our society-from age-old prejudices casteism, honor killing, dowry and rapes.

Are we really free today? It is time to wake up now. It is now or never. Let us collectively take this responsibility of being truly free, by realizing the true meaning of freedom. It’s time to keep telling ourselves the true meaning of freedom.
Freedom from
to be.

Freedom from the constraints of society. A freedom to do what we want. And most importantly, a freedom to be who we were meant to be.

Momentarily it’s our turn now. Let’s try to get free this I-day from the gloomy, murky odor of injustice, the evil that paralyzes the society, and not getting nestled in it.

As Thomas Huxley quotes ,
” It is far better for a man to go wrong in freedom than go right in chains. “
To sum up, let’s break all the shackles and free our-self, if we decide it,its not that much hard… Just do it.

“Its not always that easy, but I will tell you what, it often is ! Go for it.” —-Sushant Singh Rajput

Freedom to Fly
A freedom to Raise a question
And freedom to seE
A freedom to spEak
And freedom to Deny
Freedom to smile Or sigh
Freedom to be Me.

  1. Guddu

    Nice thought everybody have to think on this

  2. Aishwarya More

    It’s really a thought provoking article👌

  3. Gaurav Sawant

    Nice thought

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