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Life is all about Perspective

” Change your perspective, change your life.”


If you want to change your life , you have to change your perspective . No matter what we do, there always comes a point in our lives when we carry the baggage of our past and failures. This leads to our submissive version.  It is said that , “You are what you think “. It is absolutely true , your personality is the absolute result of your thought process,  your perspective and the stance for the journey of life. So our life is all about perspective.

Perspective is the tool from which you can see life, situations, problems, people from many different views. In life nothing is “wrong” or “right”. Especially in regards to where you want to go in life, both are relative terms. More often we think of “success” or “doing what we love as an end “. What so many people fail to realize is that both the terms are more of an approach to the journey, and not the end of the journey itself. The journey is more important than the destination.

It’s not the destination , it’s the journey.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson. Why the journey is important than the destination because, it can be manipulated while destination can not. Life is a journey and you can make it happier, easier and smoother only when you change your frame of mind.

The truth is, perspective can either make your problems look bigger or your possibilities look infinite. Just remember, you always have a choice to be happy or sad, smile or frown, be a victim or a victor,and it begins by changing the way look at the things happening in your life. No matter how things might seem, you have a choice always. Take action to change your perspective, then only you would be able to change your life. It’s a fact that your life won’t change until you change your perspective.          

Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking and the frame of mind. So….

  •  Be optimist.
  •  See the glass half full instead of half empty.
  •  Count your blessings. 
  •  Always be at the present, simply put  past is past and never get too engrossed on looking back and forward, focus on present.

After all life is all about PERSPECTIVE.

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